Every great company once started in a garage… and Mise en Place is no exception. We have developed from a tiny group in Maastricht in 1994, into a fully grown organisation making its mark on the hospitality industry. Yet despite great changes, we have always stuck by the same ethos since the start, encouraged a friendly work environment and created “synergy”. It is because of this that we have managed to establish an elaborate international network of partners and talents, all of whom have a passion for what they do.

This organisation was only able to develop and expand because of the talents of its staff members. Our goal is to attract, support and invest in students who continuously strive to exceed expectations. If you have what it takes, you’ll see yourself rising through our ranks in no time. We offer our staff the opportunity to grow and discover their hidden potential. We pride ourselves in continuously bringing out the best in everyone we have the opportunity to meet. All of this is made possible by the endless energy and positivity of our Mise en Place employees.

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