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When you think an office job is boring, think again.. Assistant Communication Manager is your next challenge!

08:55 – It is almost 09:00, and you walk into the office. You are ready for a new day at work full of responsibilities which are waiting for you. But first things first, a good cup of coffee and a small chat with your colleagues. 

Together with the Project Manager you discuss the planning of the week. You talk about the best ‘newsjackers’ of last week and laugh about the content of ‘the best social media’. You express your ideas for the upcoming week with the Project Manager. Very important to be flexible, even though there is a lot of news about your events and the planning is already set. You are eager to express your ideas and convince why we need to change the content planning. Around 10:30 you are checking the HotelloTOP channels of all countries to make sure your ideas fit into the country strategy. Of course you have a creative solution to make it work anyway. Due to the changes, you are losing track of the planning a little bit. Nevertheless, you add a post-it to make sure you don’t forget other prio’s today. Besides your laptop, post-its and (colorful) markers will be your best friend during this internship. 

11:30 – Time for a banana because you have a meeting with one of your colleagues. Your planning shows an event will take place in 16 weeks, so this means you have to brainstorm about the communication campaign; what is the overall theme, are we going to communicate cross-channel, what is the tone of voice and when do we need the design team? Based on this meeting you make a planning to make sure the campaign will launch on time. After the meeting it is lunchtime! Bring your own food creations or get some lunch from the lovely lunch lady.

13:30 – To start up again, you just go over Pinterest and you check blogs so that your concentration is back on track again. In your mailbox you noticed a new version of the logo you have been working on lately. Work in progress, but not completely satisfied yet. You provide the design team with feedback and ask if it it possible to send a new version by the end of the day. In addition, the Project Manager asked you to refine the communication strategy for HotelloTOP Belgium. The overall strategy changed last year, and it is time to finetune the communication channels, its tone of voice and more. You may decide to delete the Facebook platform, and focus on Instagram. To convince the Advisory Council of HotelloTOP you make a visual moodboard. Of course, facts and figures can not be missed. 

17:00 – Before you even realize it, it is 17:00 o’clock and the day is almost coming to an end (most of the time). You discuss the next day shortly with the Project Manager and go to the checklist because you have a meeting the next morning with your Managing Director to present your new ideas about the communication process, besides that you have to give her an update on the current affairs and upcoming events. Enthusiastic as you are, you would love to show her the restyle of a logo you were working on last weeks. 

Time to go home and take a hot shower. To end your day you of course check all social media, and save the fancy and creative campaigns for inspiration.

We offer: 

An internship with us is always tailor-made to your personal needs and requirements within the scope of your studies. Are you an organisation talent that wants to gain experience in setting up large-scale events and be part of the ‘think-tank’ in the communication strategy behind these events? Then you found the right place!

You will be working in a small team with young and passionate people. We provide many opportunities to build a strong network and gain different insights about organizing events (from marketing/communication to operations). Besides that, every friday we close the week with a ‘Friday afternoon drink’. A good opportunity to learn more about other colleagues and departments in the Château (office). 

You profile:

You are an independent worker with excellent communication skills and a hands-on mentality. (no 9 to 5 mentality) who is goal oriented, stress resistant, curious, creative and secretly a little bit stubborn. 

Required knowledge and experience 

  • Advanced working proficiency (HBO e.g. Marketing, Communication, Commercial, Event Management, Hotelschool)
  • In possession of a driving licence (B)
  • Native Dutch


  • Create networking moments for Hotello’s 
  • Create an online community 
  • Doing research 
  • Awards 
  • Create cross-pollination 

HotelloTOP NL Community:

  • 8.000 Alumni 
  • 135 Partners 
  • > 3.700 likes Facebook
  • > 4.000 Group Members LinkedIn 
  • > 600 followers Instagram 

About us:

HotelloTOP is the networking organisation for students and alumni of the (inter)national Hotel Management Schools in The Netherlands. The one thing that differentiates Hotello’s, and for which they are constantly recognized and praised, is their set of core values: The Hotello is hospitable, optimistic, energetic, socially skilled, inventive, pragmatic, ambitious and has a strong work ethic. o facilitate the networking opportunities, HotelloTOP organizes several events per year, of which inspiration, sharing knowledge and expanding the network are the main ingredients. We, as Hotello’s, know that it is not about what you know, but who you know. That makes the Hotello life so exciting and dynamic!


Karin Duysens – Project Manager & Communication – 

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